Light Earth Tones

Adam Wilder

You can make many different types of earth effects using colors from the NitroLine. During this tutorial we are going to create some areas of light dust.
Prior to using thoroughly mix the pigments that have settled onto the bottom of the jar, then screw the cap back on and shake the product well.
For this example I placed the Dark Street Dirt effect around the details to create subtle contrast between these parts and the top plate.
After letting the mix set for a few minutes I lightly blended the tones using thinner.
I also used earth effects from the Nitro Line to create very subtle dust rainmarks on the sides of the superstructure.
Dilute the effect using thinner to create earth washes.
Different tones of earth pigments from the gunpowder range were used to give additional dust tones and texture.
You can also add some wet effects using a gloss as I did in this example to create more contrast amongst the details while also adding another authentic effect.

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